Property Leasing

Customer Centric, Relationship Focussed, Straightforward Commercial Property Management & Leasing

Rent Appraisals

The first step in leasing a property is to determine what it’s worth.

Nutshell’s leasing team are market experts. The only way to know for sure a property’s rental value is by using comparable rents. We have the information quickly and accurately give you an idea of your property’s true rental value.

During an appraisal, we will also take into account feedback from tenants.

Lots of things affect the value of a property. Some things, like floor area, you can measure. Other things, like street appeal, you can’t. As Dennis Denuto famously said “it’s the vibe, and… no that’s it… it’s the vibe. I rest my case.” This is why we will always temper an appraisal with our expert opinion.

An accurate rental appraisal sets you up for a successful leasing campaign.

Property Marketing

To minimise vacancy rates for our clients, Nutshell use all the latest digital marketing techniques.

First and foremost are web-portals. We list on all the major portals including RealCommercial, Commercial Real Estate, Commercial Property Guide and Gumtree.

RealCommercial is Australia’s number one commercial property website and get’s over 1.2 million visitors per month. It’s only available to licensed commercial real estate agents. Nutshell offer our clients exposure to these visitors at no extra cost.

To capture the attention of other local businesses we will also arrange a professional signboard for your property. Depending on the listing, we can even install signboards free of charge.

Nutshell have built up a huge email list of potential tenants. All our listings will benefit from this list which is growing by the day.

In certain circumstances, we will organise print media advertisements for your listing in Domain, SMH, AFR and more.

Our marketing services ensure you have the exposure you need to lease your property fast.

Professional Photography

Once reserved for residential home sales, professional photography is more important than ever in commercial leasing. Research shows that property photos are the 1st thing prospective tenants look. They go on to spend 60% of their time looking at the photos. Another study found that properties with professional photos get up to 61% more views online than those without professional photos.

As a business always trying to improve our customers’ experience, we believe it’s unacceptable to use a phone or a budget point-and-shoot camera. Evidently, most of our competitors disagree. Nutshell uses the latest high-end camera gear and software to make your property look amazing. We offer all our clients professional photography at no extra cost.

Tenant Screening and Selection

Your next tenant may be with you for many years to come. So it’s important to choose wisely.

All Nutshell tenants go through the same selection process. It all starts with the property viewing where our agents will get to know the business, it’s operations, directors and staff. If things progress from there we will ask them to fill out our application form. This form captures info like their financial status, the previous properties, previous landlords and property managers. We carry out credit checks on all tenants. This 6-page report flags any late payments, payment defaults, legal actions, external administrations, bankruptcies, and disqualified directors.

And armed with a wealth of information we are able to choose a great tenant.

Rent Negotiations

Base rent is the most important item on a terms sheet. By shining a light on the unique features of your property, Nutshell’s leasing team can create a genuine desire within prospective tenants. Using our proprietary knowledge of comparable leases in the area we can set a benchmark for rent. And our constant study of negotiation best-practices gives us the edge in the meeting room.

There’s no way to get around it, negotiation rent is part of any commercial lease. It can be tricky, and it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. So leave it to us to get the most for your commercial property.

Lease Negotiations

Rent is one part of a commercial lease but there are lots of other things to consider

During a lease negotiation, we will agree on the lease term, outgoings, rent increases, market reviews, option periods, bonds or bank guarantees. We’ll also negotiate terms like make-good, payment terms, insurance, personal guarantees and more. There’s a lot to consider in a lease. Our experience tells us where to make tradeoffs and where to stand firm.

A lease is not just about rent. At the end of the day, Nutshell’s leasing team will make sure your lease protects your investment for years to come.