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Conveyancers, solicitors and home buyers alike turn to Nutshell when they need a quality inspection and report, and they need it quick.


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Our clients rave about their experience with Nutshell because our approach is different from what you’ll normally find. Here’s why…

We Get it

As a full-service real estate agency, we “get” the nuanced sales process. Guaranteed not to stuff up your purchase by dragging out the inspection or throwing you any curveballs.

Our inspectors have heaps of experience

Our inspections have, on average, 14 years experience in the building and construction industry. Years of accumulated knowledge means nothing gets missed.

24-hour turnaround

We’re quick. Really quick. When you order an inspection, you can expect the full report within 24 hours.

We obsess over customer experience

Seriously. We do. 96.4% of our customers would highly recommend our services to family or friends.

“Expert knowledge and great customer service” – Paul, Sydney

“I couldn’t be happier with the service from Nutshell. Would highly recommend” – Susan, Westmead

Our reports are AWESOME!

Not all reports are created equal. Our reports are thorough, easy to read and comply with all relevant Australian standards.

The Process

It’s easy as 1, 2, 3… 4 🙂

  1. Use the form below to request your report.
  2. One of our awesome team members will pick it up and give you a call if we require any additional info. For example, we’ll need to know how to get access to the property.
  3. An inspector will get the job done.
  4. Your report will be returned, within 24 hours, via email.

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Combined Building and Pest Inspections are $475 (inc GST)

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