Nutshell Knows: Sydenham

Welcome back to Nutshell Knows, our locale-specific series that dives into the past, present, and future of some of Sydney’s best-loved Inner West communities. Today we’ll look at Sydenham, a Sydney suburb named after a similar London town.

The Basics: Geography, Population, and Demographics

The St Peters – Sydenham area is quite small, just 176 hectares and the 2016 population was reported as 4,622. Located about 7 miles from the Sydney CBD, Sydenham features a mixture of residential and industrial developments, as well as a small group of shops near the Sydenham railway station.

The area is bounded by the railway line on the west and north, the Alexandra Canal on the east, and the railway line and Belmore Street on the south. Princes Highway runs directly through Sydenham.

The median age in Sydenham is 37, and 52% of residents were born in Australia. Other countries of origin include Nepal, China, Vietnam, England, Greece, Indonesia, and more. About 36% of the residents of Sydenham are married, and 61% are employed full time (28% work part-time).

Sydenham: Community Snapshot

Residents of Sydenham have created a unique community as they’ve turned potential liabilities into assets. For example, the community suffers from aircraft noise because it’s directly in the flight path of Sydney Airport. To address this problem, the government bought many of the homes between the Princes Highway and Unwins Bridge Road and converted the area into a public recreational park, Sydenham Green.

Sydenham Green not only features lush lawns and trees, but it also has a series of “living room” sculptures that offer a tribute to the homes that previously occupied the site.

The Sydenham of the Past

When the Illawarra line came through the area in the late 1800s, people started developing the area that is now Sydenham. The post office opened in April 1899 and was originally called “Tempe Park.” It wasn’t renamed Sydenham until 1964.

The Sydenham of the Future

The urban renewal project for the area between Bankstown to Sydenham plans for improvements to parks and open spaces, more housing choices, vibrant streetscapes, enhanced walking and cycling tracks, and more jobs in the area.

The Sydenham Creative Hub developments promise to deliver a revitalised local community; an attractive proposition for commercial investors.

Commercial Property Sydenham

With urban renewal projects in the works, commercial property investors are looking at their options in Sydenham. With the prospect of more homes in the area and the traffic that comes through the Sydenham railway station, commercial investors anticipate growth and development.

Property Manager Sydenham

When you look for a property manager for your Sydenham property, look for one who knows the area inside out. Whether you’re looking for someone to completely manage your property or to just help you look for your next purchase, reach out to us at Nutshell. We know Sydenham well, and we’re here to make your life easier.

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