What do Sydney tenants look for in commercial properties? Once you know, you can make the improvements necessary to attract the kinds of tenants that will be assets to your investment. Let’s look at 10 suggestions from our extensive property management experience in Sydney’s Inner West.

1. Fresh Paint

One of the highest impact (and least expensive) ways to wow prospective tenants is to give your property a fresh coat of paint. New paint suggests new beginnings, and that’s exactly what business owners are hoping for when they sign a lease with a commercial property.

It’s wisest to keep the colour scheme conservative so it will appeal to a wide range of tenants. You might think orange walls would look great, but they would clash terribly with a business that has a bright red logo.

2. Clean Carpet

When you walk into an empty space, the bare walls and bare floor take center stage. If the carpet is stained or has visible traffic patterns, prospective tenants will be put off. If the carpet is still in good condition, have it deep cleaned. If it needs to be replaced, go ahead and replace it.

3. Overall Cleanliness

As prospective tenants look at properties, they try to envision themselves in the space. They know that they will gain or lose customers based partially on the look and feel of the property they lease. That’s why it’s so important for your commercial property to be spotlessly clean when you show it. Clean the windows, vacuum the carpets, and make sure the bathrooms shine. Even industrial spaces should be as clean as possible; remove dust, dirt, and any sign of disorder.

4. Connectivity

All kinds of businesses are reliant on Internet for their day-to-day operations. Do what you can to ensure reliable and easy connectivity for your tenants. This is a huge selling point.

5. Plenty of Outlets

This is especially important for historic properties. Even 30 years ago, businesses didn’t need the number of electrical outlets they need today. If your property is scant on outlets, hire an electrician to add more.

6. Comfortable Air Conditioning

When prospective tenants tour your property, give them the full experience. Make sure the air conditioning has been turned on and running long enough that the interior is comfortable as they’re walking through. If your building has a hard time staying at a comfortable temperature, have an HVAC expert troubleshoot the problem.

7. Functioning Hardware

Are any of your door knobs malfunctioning? Do the windows open and close easily? Details like these are relatively easy to fix or replace, and when they’re not working well, potential tenants figure that if the small things aren’t working well, the big ones probably aren’t either.

8. Pleasing Exterior

Tenants want the outside of their businesses to look inviting, so consider the ways you can improve your building’s exterior. Well-maintained plants, adequate lighting, and clear signage all help to improve the outsides of commercial properties.

9. Security

Commercial tenants have several security concerns. Client information and costly company equipment need to be safe from intruders, and the safety of people is another huge factor. Consider improving security by installing high duty locks, shatterproof windows, fencing, or an alarm system.

10. Easy Access to Management

Sydney tenants like to be assured that help is just a text or phone call away in case of an emergency at their business. A plumbing problem could shut down their business if it’s not taken care of immediately, so assure prospective tenants that you have quality management on the job.

Property Manager Inner West

Finding the right property manager for your Inner West commercial property can help you to find tenants quickly and easily. Give us a call at Nutshell for help with preparing your property for new tenants.

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