This installment of Nutshell Knows features the community of Petersham, which has a rich and interesting history. It’s a long-established residential area in Sydney’s Inner West, and it continues to be an outstanding place to live and work.

The Basics: Geography, Population and Demographics

Just 6 kilometers from the Sydney CBD, Petersham borders Marrickville on the south and Lewisham on the west. As of 2015, 8,290 residents call Petersham home, and the population density is slightly higher than the local average.

The average age of Petersham residents is 35 years, and about 64% were born in Australia. Nearly 52% of the residents have never been married, and 66% are employed full-time. It’s a young, active area with an interesting history.

Petersham: Community Snapshot

Shops line New Canterbury Road near Petersham station, and you’ll find several Portuguese restaurants, famous for their cod dishes and grilled chicken. The oldest selective school in New South Wales is the Fort Street High School, situated on Parramatta Road.

You’ll find churches belonging to several different faiths in Petersham, including All Saints Anglican Church, “House of Faith” Thai Church, Portuguese-speaking Nova Alianca, and the Petersham Masonic Temple.

Petersham in the Past

Way back in 1793, Major Francis Grose sent workmen to the area that is now Petersham to clear bushland and plant crops of corn and wheat. Major Grose was from a small village in Surrey, England, called Petersham, and he must have missed his native land because he named the new village after his old hometown. Petersham became well-known for its high-quality crops and stock, and kangaroo hunting was also popular in the area.

A few years later, Dr. Robert Wardell found the area very attractive and bought up vast tracts of land from various sellers to create a large estate. In 1834, Dr. Wardell was murdered by escaped convicts, and his large property was subdivided. In 1855, a train line from Sydney to Parramatta opened, and a platform was built in Petersham in 1863.

Petersham in the Future

The old train station that was built in 1886 is “the largest and grandest of the surviving 19th century railway stations in the Sydney area,” according to The Heritage of Australia. Petersham combines old Victorian charm with a dynamic, multicultural present. This dynamism will continue to make Petersham an attractive place to live and work in the future.

Property Management Petersham

Owners of property in Petersham enjoy a great location and a vibrant community. With easy access to Sydney and a younger, active population, businesses enjoy good foot traffic in Petersham and surrounds.

Property Manager in Petersham

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