In the past, sections of Sydney’s Inner West have had a heavy, industrial feel due to a prevalence of auto body workshops, freight terminals, and manufacturing. However, over the years, the majority of these heavy industrial enterprises have been phased out, and the area is now primed and rezoned to become a vital and creative haven.

Sydney’s Inner West is emerging as the city’s music, visual arts, film and television, publishing, digital media, and performing arts epicentre. The differences between the Inner West of old and the cultural haven of today couldn’t be more stark, and that’s partly what makes the transformation so exciting and energising.

Let’s take a look at 6 Inner West projects that are making Sydney great again, and what they mean for owners of commercial property in the area.

1. Callan Park

Similar in size to the Sydney Botanical Gardens, Callan Park is one of Inner West’s most interesting public facilities. Originally built as an enlightened hospital for the insane in 1885, it is now under public ownership. It contains many heritage buildings and the campus of Sydney College of the Arts. Further development of Callan Park is a priority for the Inner West Council.

2. Sydenham Station Creative Hub

The Inner West Council is also focussing their rejuvenation of industrial areas in Sydenham, with the Sydenham Station Creative Hub. The Council’s vision for the project is a “vibrant entertainment and employment precinct, where live music venues, small bars, restaurants and cafes thrive alongside traditional and creative industries.”

3. Rising Sun Workshop

Newtown’s new ‘Rising Sun’ establishment is part cafe, part “communal motorbike workshop.” It serves outstanding ramen, coffee, and locally made beer. You’ll want to try the egg and bacon roll served on “Hokkaido” milk buns.

4. New Parklet

There’s a new parklet near Martin Luther King Plaza in Newtown. If you haven’t yet seen a parklet, it’s a moveable public space with seating, public art, and landscaping elements. Use it however you want to – as a coffee spot, an eating area, a performance venue, or even a podcast studio.

5. Free Wi-Fi on Main Streets

Leichhardt is installing free public Wi-Fi on several main streets: Johnson, Booth, Darling, and Norton. The mayor has stated that the new public wi-fi will contribute to community well-being and enhance the local business community.

Property owners and landlords are especially excited about the transformation, and for good reason. Sydney’s Inner West is primed for development with its low vacancy rates, upcoming re-zoning, and proximity to the city.

6. Marrick & Co

Real estate giants, Mirvac, have big plans for the derelict Marrickville Hospital. The new development, called Marrick & Co, will comprise of 220 apartments, a new library, a community hub, and a public park. Residential units in the new development are on sale now.

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A property manager ought to know the local area well. For more information on the suburbs in Sydney’s Inner West, you may enjoy our ‘Nutshell Knows’ series, including profiles on suburbs like Marrickville, Alexandria, and Enmore.

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