One bad apple spoils the bunch. And so it is true that a few bad agents spoil the reputation of many decent agents.

Still, most of our new clients tell us how disenchanted they had become with their previous agent or property manager (a feeling I’m sure you are familiar with this if you read beyond the title of this post). The story is always the same: The relationship starts off fantastic, with agents promising the world… Then work gets in the way, they stop returning calls, disappear for days at a time, and start manipulating the truth to save face or avoid a difficult conversation.

This is a real shame. And it doesn’t have to be this way.

In this article we’ll look at 4 things that should expect from your agent, but that most agents fail to deliver.

1. Returning Calls

All too often I hear “Oh! Hi, thanks for calling back!” The surprise in their voice tells me they weren’t expecting a real estate agent—of all people—to call them back. Agent’s aren’t supernatural and can’t be on two phone calls at once. But as a minimum, you should expect a call back on the same day.

2. Availability

Closely linked to returning calls is an agent’s availability. Ok, so you aren’t paying your agent by the hour, but you should still expect them to be available when needed. Perhaps you need a copy of the keys they have, or you need something checked out at the property, or a copy of your lease… If it’s reasonably within the scope of a property manager’s role, you should expect them to do it.

3. Knowledge of your Lease

One of the key roles of a property manager is to correctly administer each lease. Commercial leases are long and contain lots of clauses specific to each property. However, an agent should have a general idea of each property they manage. Often it’s just common sense, but if they aren’t sure, a quick read through the lease should clear things up.

A common mistake property managers make is to incorrectly charge property maintenance costs. Most commercial leases place the burden or maintenance onto the tenant. If your property manager asking you to pay for things that are outside your responsibility, they probably haven’t read the lease; a rookie error. You should expect more!

4. Transparency

Transparency is always important. Never more so than during a lease or sale negotiation. The traditional way agents like to work is to twist and turn every piece of information flowing between the prospective tenant and the landlord. This is in an attempt to get the two parties to reach an agreement and get the deal across the line. However, the modern agent has a different philosophy; Transparency. It’s far better for you, a landlord, to receive the whole story then sit with your agent to come up with a strategy.

If any of this sounds familiar to you then we’d love to show you a different way. Get in touch with us here.

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