“Hmm, I just don’t know about the paint.”

As a commercial property agent, I regularly hear about prospective tenants knocking back properties due to entirely cosmetic issues. Time and time again.

What are otherwise fantastic properties get let down by easily-avoidable mistakes from the owner. From using their vacant property as a storage shed, to refusing to outlay a hundred bucks for a fresh lick of paint – some commercial property owners put aesthetic appeal last and suffer because of it.

Agents who don’t educate owners on the critical importance of first impressions are equally to blame.

The simple truth is that first impressions count more than you’d expect. These easy and cost-effective measures will dress your property and impress new tenants.

1. Paint

To some commercial property owners, the idea of painting is immediately put into the too-hard basket. But investing the time and money into a paint job can yield big returns.

If you’re going to charge high rent for your commercial property, your prospective tenants expect a “wow” moment when they step through the doors. The look, feel and smell of freshly painted walls makes a big impact and communicates freshness – the kind of new start budding businesses hope for when looking for commercial properties.

That said, keep the colour scheme conservative to avoid scaring off more conservative tenants. The striking yellow feature wall might be your idea of professional quirk, but can be a visual nightmare to others.

Painting doesn’t have to be expensive, either. If you’ve got an office or retail space, much of the painting can be done yourself. Warehouses will obviously need extra TLC, but after all, the rustic and raw aesthetic is part of a warehouse’s appeal.

2. Clean

Freshly-painted walls don’t mean much when the carpet is a minefield of ominous stains, overflowing boxes and miscellaneous junk.

While it’s easy for vacant properties to collect dust, dirt and unwanted or overflowing possessions, any commercial property owner who is serious about attracting well-paying tenants will ensure their space is spick and span.

You want your space to be somewhere your tenants want to stay. That means clean toilets, vacuumed and cleaned (or new) carpet, and thoroughly Windexed windows.

Again, industrial spaces are more prone to dirt, dust and disorder. As such, they can demand a little more elbow grease.

3. Connect the Power

Electricity is a less-obvious but no-less important consideration when dressing your property for the all-important inspection.

It’s likely that your prior tenant cancelled their energy contract, leaving the space without power. But conducting property viewings under torchlight is better suited to a B-grade horror film than a profitable commercial property inspection.

So commercial owners who are dedicated to finding their dream tenant will consider connecting the power even while the property is vacant.

4. Make Sure All Moving Parts are in Working Order

Sure, it’s one thing to have a property looking incredible, but if the hardware isn’t in working order that can mean little to prospective tenants.

Taps, power points, doors, and air-conditioning should all be checked and rechecked. After all, you don’t want to arm your potential tenants with any unnecessary bargaining power.

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