Over the past few months you may have heard about the Sydenham Station Creative Hub, an initiative by The Inner West Council to revitalize the industrial area surrounding Sydenham Station.

The Council’s vision for the project is to turn the area into a “vibrant entertainment and employment precinct, where live music venues, small bars, restaurants and cafes thrive alongside traditional and creative industries.”

Where is Sydenham Station Creative Hub?

The 20-hectare area lies between Marrickville Road on the south-west, Sydney Street on the north-west, Saywell Street and Garden Street on the north-east, and Railway Parade on the south-east.

To make it easier we’ve created this handy little map:

When Will Sydenham Creative Hub Be Complete?

The Sydenham Station Creative Hub will be brought to life in two phases:

  1. To get the ball rolling, the council will rezone the area shown in the map above from General Industrial (IN1) to Light Industrial (IN2). Over time businesses like car body workshops, freight terminals and other heavy industries will be phased out. They will make way for a new breed of creative businesses including audio-visual, digital media, advertising, craft, visual arts, design, film and television, music, publishing, performing arts and cultural heritage institutions.

In addition to the rezoning, The Council will include a “special schedule” that allows small bars, cafes and restaurants to open in the area.

  1. Once the rezoning is complete, The Council will turn their efforts to traffic calming measures, improvements to pedestrian access, and the creation of more green spaces.

A Modern Sydenham is a Successful Sydenham

A traditionally unglamorous area, Sydenham now has a new lease on life. The success of the Sydenham Station Creative Hub is foretold by the number of creative businesses already moving into the area.

Here are just some of the business that already call the area home:

  • Breweries
    • Sauce Brewing Co
    • Batch Brewing Company
    • Willie the Boatman
    • The Grifter Brewing Co
  • Bars
    • Camelot Lounge
    • Titus Jones
    • Gasoline Pony
    • Lazy Bones
    • The Henson
  • Other fantastic small businesses
    • Bucket Boys, a craft beer shop.
    • MakerSpace, a co-working space for makers.
    • The Hop & Grain Brew Store, self explanatory!
    • Precinct 75 – creative, retail, industrial and office space for lease in character buildings.

(Sitting just outside the Sydenham Station Creative Hub, Precinct 75 is sadly making way for apartments in the not too distant future)

Unlike other creative projects by various Sydney councils, Sydenham is not too “forced”. The rezoning and revitalization of the streets is a natural progression from what has already been happening for 5 years.

The Council’s vision is not to push out those without a beard and a craft beer t-shirt, but rather to have these new industries co-exist alongside tradition (but suitable) industries.

This is the perfect place for this project. The area is well outside of the lock-out-law areas and has great transport links into the city, to the west, and south to St George and The Shire.

What Can Sydenham’s Property Owners Expect?

With it’s already low vacancy rates, upcoming rezoning, fantastic transport links and proximity to the city, one thing is for sure: This is the place to own commercial real estate. Those who bought 15+ years ago will really be counting their blessings right about now.

Here at Nutshell we are already experiencing a change in the types of businesses coming into the area. For example, Kent and Lime, an online menswear retailer, recently leased their new HQ through Nutshell. Enquiries from other creatives businesses come in thick and fast.

If you own commercial property in the area, we’d love to chat about finding you your next tenant. Please get in touch with us below.

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