The property industry is always changing and the role of the property agent is changing with it. The modern property agent understands that the property marketplace is now digital, and can stay squarely in the sight of browsing tenants.

Below we dive into the marketing toolkit of the modern property agent, and outline how they can capitalise on an evolving industry.

The Need for Change

Think of all the information at the tenant’s fingertips. They can scroll through any number of real estate pages and property apps while waiting for the bus or picking the kids up from school. You don’t have to be “actively looking” to be searching, and that’s what’s changed. The best property agents know this and shape their online presence accordingly.

Prospective buyers don’t want to be treated like a number. And this means that one-size-fits-all marketing strategies no longer do the trick. What you need is personalisation, and you get that through an agent that understands what the digital world can offer.

Distinctive Marketing Package

Distinctive marketing packages are the modern property agent’s response to the need for personalisation. They tell each listing’s story in a way which highlights both their knowledge of the property and area, but also their ability to perform at a higher standard than the average real estate agent. And that’s the goal: showing why your property is better than the others they’re looking at. Ideally, after looking at yours, they need to look no further.

They do this through providing engaging descriptions which captivate audiences. And they show it visually with expertly crafted pictures, optimised for online. All of this is displayed on the highest performing digital platforms to attract and convince prospects. This story helps people connect and engage with the offer, making it distinctive from the other properties out there.

Property Website

You’d be hard-pressed to find an excellent property agent who doesn’t also have an excellent website. In this fast-paced digital marketplace, website speed, design and useability matters.

When we talk about website performance, we’re often talking about how a website gets along with Google. Google Analytics allows us to track the number of people viewing a listing, where they come from and how long they spend on the page. Agents with a solid grounding in how this information works can use it to easily convert viewers into customers.

Online Listing Websites

A lot of prospects like to use online listing websites so they can more easily compare similar commercial properties. And this means you have an opportunity to stand out from the crowd. Here, the marketing tools that make your listing distinctive become your best weapon. So, if your description, images and the background to your story is engaging and powerful, you’ll quickly notice that you’ll be getting the hits other listings aren’t.

Email Marketing

Having an internal list of interested subscribers is a highly effective method of renting property. Recipients of marketing emails are often in the process of actively looking for commercial properties, and the information they receive has been tailored to their preferences.

The modern property agent is a master of the digital space. They have a number of powerful marketing tools at their disposal which they use to personalise campaigns and ensure they’re always getting the best results for you.

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