You depend on your property agent to provide you with the best information available and the highest level of service. And this means doing all the behind-the-scenes leg-work. But if they’re not upholding their end of the bargain, then it might be time to look elsewhere.

Below we explore 5 signs your property agent needs the flick so you can enlist the service you deserve.

1. Your Agent is Unresponsive

Sure, your agent isn’t a surgeon, they shouldn’t be expected to be on call 24/7. But they are expected to return calls quickly, especially during business hours. It’s absolutely vital that you’re brought along for the whole process and kept informed.

If your agent is making decisions on your behalf without your consent, then you have a problem as you may be held liable for them.

While everyone has to go on holidays sometime, it can be a nuisance if your property agent leaves without giving you enough prior warning. You should expect to be treated with respect and given prior warning about time off and extended holidays.

2. Your Agent Doesn’t Listen

The first meeting with your agent should, if anything, feel like a counselling session. They’re there for your benefit only, and so they should be asking probing questions, listening intently and making notes on your responses. After all, they should be providing a tailored service to suit your unique property needs.

And questions should be thoughtful. For example, asking “What are your expectations for me?” gives the agent a thorough understanding about your ambitions and how you like to work. Further, it’s especially important that responsibilities and expectations are set from the start and industry-specific terms are explained clearly.

Remember, agents aren’t working in sales – they’re providing a customer-service and they should always keep that in mind.

3. Your Agent is Inexperienced

Today’s market is complicated, and so experience makes all the difference. You don’t want someone working on your project who doesn’t have all their eggs in your basket. You want it to be their career. And for this you need someone who’s well-educated and up to date on current trends in the evolving market. It may go without saying, but you also need someone who’s got a very solid grounding in professional conduct and ethics.

Not to mention an agent with an intimate understanding of the local area.

4. Your Agent is Unprofessional

Disorganisation can cost you dearly in this industry. Having an agent who makes a habit of last-minute cancellations or shows up late to meetings is unprofessional and unacceptable.

One of the most important elements of an agent-client relationship is trust. If you don’t trust your agent to provide the best service, then they’re a hindrance to you and should be cut free. Ensure you set expectations and responsibilities early. And do it on paper. This will mean that if your agent repeatedly fails to perform as expected, terminating the relationship will be easier.

5. Your Agent Doesn’t Do Their Homework

You need your agent to be ahead of the curve in all parts of their business. They have to act upon emerging trends in the competitive industry, and preferably before others. They should also be educated on other similar properties in the area to make informed predictions about your property.

Further, you don’t want advice based on unqualified assertion, because this could cost you. Make sure they provide you with references for their facts, so you know the source of information. And if you decide based on this information that you’re not ready to buy or make a particular move, they should respect this decision and not push you either way. You need an advisor, not a salesperson.

It’s absolutely vital that your property agent performs to the highest standards to get the best results. So, set your expectations don’t settle for second best.

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