Hire a Real Estate Agent, Not a Salesperson

Real estate agents have an unfortunate reputation for caring more for their suit than their service. In an industry that traditionally thrives on commission, it may seem inevitable that agents prize the sale over all else. But this shouldn’t be the case. Not only do these “salespeople” miss the important intricacies of their job, their methods upset clients and ensure they make less sales than the more calibrated, modern realtor.

Below we explore why the public has such a poor perception of real estate agents, and how the new breed of realtor is a trusted, genuine advisor that provides the service you deserve.

Sales is Just Part of the Process

Picture Dodgy Dave. He’s the stereotypical real estate agent who thinks he understands sales better than anyone. He spends a lot of his time repeating the words “always be closing” while staring at himself in his BMW’s rear-vision mirror. And he has four different pens in his shirt pocket for getting that all-important final signature.

Dodgy Dave only cares about price, and that’s Dodgy Dave’s downfall.

Sydney’s property owners don’t want someone whose only concern can be boiled down to the numbers. Instead, they need someone who cares for process and what you might consider the “boring stuff.” Because at the end of the day, that’s the stuff that really matters.

Real Estate Agents Can Be Better

Modern real estate agents are consultants. Sure, they leverage their local knowledge of the market, their interpersonal prowess and their tech-savvy listing strategies. But the best commercial property agents in Sydney know what the property means to their clients on a personal level.

After all, a vacant property that isn’t generating any income doesn’t put food on the owner’s table. Property owners invest a lot of trust in their agents, and it becomes the agent’s responsibility to do all they can to live up to expectation. It’s just good business.

Ditch Dodgy Dave: How to Change Agents

If you feel your real estate agent is selling to you, then your prospective tenants will feel the same. I can speak from experience; tenants do not enjoy being sold to because they’ve met Dodgy Daves before.

So when you hire a real estate agent, hire someone you can trust, who respects your property the way you do, and one with an indispensible knowledge of the local market.

If you’d like to chat further about what a Nutshell agent can offer your commercial property in Sydney, get in touch with us today.

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